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The Mom Break Challenge

The Mom Break Challenge

Mama needs a MOMent.

Let’s just say, things have been extra REAL.

As mamas, we are feeling “all the feels” on a whole new level.

Can you relate to wanting a break?

Join me for the next Mom Break Challenge!

The Mom Break Challenge is a 21-day experience of mini (5-15 minute) activities that are fun, energy-boosting, and supportive self-explorations.

Each week we’ll also have virtual happy half-hours (get mommy’s sippy cup ready with your fave beverage!) so we can build connections with one another, as we each connect more to ourselves, too. It’s time to ‘nurture the nurturer’.

Here is your chance to take a much-needed MOM BREAK!

The challenge is not in the activities themselves, it’s in you creating the time and space for YOU. It’s time to nurture the nurturer.

Join us and get ready for a MOMent for you to just BE!

22 Modules

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