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You're Mama! Laughter Yoga Club

Hey there , sometimes we get to laugh with life, other times we may feel like life laughs at us. Either way Laughter Yoga gives us space to laugh with, at, or laugh-off life. 

Get your ticket to this on-demand Laughter Yoga Club to:

  • Take a mental break
  • Get a pep in your energy
  • Increase your HA!ppiness and overall mood
  • Decrease stress, anxiety or overwhelm
  • Transition from tasks or clients
  • Attract more feel-goodness into your day!

Buy once and experience as often as you'd like in this on-demand Laughter Yoga Club.

New Laughter Yoga sessions (prerecorded) added regularly to this vault of good vibes!

This is the one time you can literally buy HA!ppiness (happiness). Just $28.

Modules for this product 6
Buy HA!ppiness :)

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 You're Mama! Laughter Yoga Club
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